Welcome to our 2017 Season

Our 2017 Season is full of diverse stories that are passionate, smart, fun and at times, controversial. It’s for you... it’s every bit Sydney.

Read on for a full listing of our 2017 plays.

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By Colm Tóibín

Her son. Her story.

In a voice that is both tender and furious, Mary speaks her defiant truth. Piecing together memories of Jesus’ last days, she brings a mother’s powerful perspective to a very human story of sacrifice. This fiery imagining is penned by Irish writer Colm Tóibín, one of the world’s greatest living novelists.

13 Jan – 25 Feb 2017 | Wharf 1 Theatre






By Michael Gow

“Truthful, fantastical, satirical and deeply touching… Away is inspiring.” The Sydney Morning Herald

It’s Christmas 1967, and three families are about to go on their summer holidays by the beach. But ’tis not the season to be jolly. From the smallest intimacy to the most epic of storms, an exceptional ensemble bring you a fresh, inventive and sensitive take on this great Australian classic. 

18 Feb – 25 Mar 2017 | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House






By Lucy Kirkwood

“A phenomenon… Puts the whole world on a stage.” The Telegraph, UK

Inspired by one of the 20th century’s most powerful images – a man blocking a column of tanks in Tiananmen Square – Chimerica follows the photographer who took that image across two decades and around the world. A critically acclaimed hit on international stages, this incredible and compelling story is filmic in scope. 

28 Feb – 1 Apr 2017 | Roslyn Packer Theatre






By Angus Cerini

“This is powerful, visceral and deeply exhilarating theatre.” The Guardian

In a dirt-dry town in rural Australia, a shot shatters the still night. Triggered into thrilling motion by an act of revenge, The Bleeding Tree is a murder ballad blown up for the stage, with three strong women fighting back. A powerfully lyrical and darkly funny take on Australian gothic. 


9 Mar – 8 Apr 2017 | Wharf 1 Theatre






By Jonathan Biggins

Don’t follow the story. Be the story.

John Waters is a radio host with Sydney in the palm of his hand. Yesterday, he overstepped the mark. Today, a trial-by-media threatens to get out of control. Funny, incisive and very topical – Talk is a sharp take on modern journalism, social media and the 24-hour news cycle. 

3 Apr – 20 May 2017 | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House







By Keith Robinson, William Shakespeare and Tony Taylor
Original direction by Geoffrey Rush 

A funny thing happened on the way to the theatre.

A lewd, rude and ingenious revival of a classic comedy that puts Shakespeare’s greatest clowns in the spotlight. Full of farce, stand-up comedy and hilarious puppetry, some of Australia’s best comedic talents lift the roof in the silliest ways imaginable.


6 Apr – 13 May 2017 | Wharf 2 Theatre






By Nakkiah Lui

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Charlotte is a lawyer on the up. She won a landmark Native Title case, she’s making her parents proud, she could have her own TV show. But right now, she’s in love. And her fiancé is not what her family expected. In this provocative new romantic comedy, writer Nakkiah Lui shows why she is one of Australia’s most in-demand young voices. 


5 May – 17 Jun 2017 | Wharf 1 Theatre





By George Orwell
A new adaptation created by Robert Icke and Duncan MacMillan

Orwell’s dystopian future is now.

An exploration of surveillance and identity, Orwell’s 20th century-defining book presented a future that looks a lot like our present. Fiction has become our reality. This stage adaptation is a spectacular, technology-enhanced dive into Orwell’s complex vision. 1984 is a radical, award-winning blockbuster that has taken the West End and Broadway by storm.

28 Jun – 22 Jul 2017 | Roslyn Packer Theatre 




Cloud Nine by Caryl Churchill


By Caryl Churchill

“Cleverest, drollest, most sexily experimental.” The Telegraph, UK

Acclaimed as the world’s greatest living playwright, Churchill has created a unique masterpiece about a family set in both colonial Africa and the present. With playfulness and insight, Cloud Nine explores love and work, race and power, identity and sex. It will make you question your pre-conceptions, make you laugh and break your heart.

1 Jul – 12 Aug 2017 | Wharf 1 Theatre





By Disapol Savetsila

Back to where we came from.

Ben’s family has uprooted its restaurant business one too many times. Being the only Thai household in a country town is getting tricky again. And when graffiti starts appearing, tensions quickly escalate. Young writer Disapol Savetsila makes his STC debut with a humorous and heart-warming investigation of the migrant experience.

7 Jul – 12 Aug 2017 | Wharf 2 Theatre





By Florian Zeller
Translated by Christopher Hampton

“As sharp and surprising a play as you’ll see all year.” The Times

80-year-old André was once a tap dancer in Paris. Or was he an engineer whose daughter lives in London? Either way, he’s still wearing his pyjamas and he can’t find his watch. He’s starting to wonder if he’s losing control. John Bell returns to STC in this beautifully constructed, award-winning work. 

19 Aug – 21 Oct 2017 | Wharf 1 Theatre





By Moira Buffini

“A delicious feast of comedy at its most heartless and macabre.” The Telegraph, UK

This jet-black satire is a feast of wicked laughs and revenge served cold. Nominated for an Olivier Award for Best New Comedy, the unexpected twists and turns will have you laughing hysterically one minute and jumping with shock the next. The knives are out, but nothing is sharper than the insults.

11 Sep – 28 Oct 2017 | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House





Written and created by Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott

Holding the balance of laughter.

Australians all let us rejoice for the return of The Wharf Revue. From the highs to the lows, from the good to the bad to the ugly, this will be a side-splitting parade of the year’s most memorable political characters and the moments they’d prefer to forget.

25 Oct – 30 Dec 2017 | Wharf 1 Theatre






By Anton Chekhov
In a new adaptation by Andrew Upton

Like the migrating birds above, they long to be elsewhere.

In a remote Russian town, three women yearn for Moscow. They dream of freedom, sex, work and romance. Andrew Upton’s new adaptation brings a poetic relatability to the lives of the Porozova sisters and their spirit of hope and change. A beautiful and exquisitely layered contemporary re-telling of Chekhov’s classic.

6 Nov – 16 Dec 2017 | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House





Book by PJ Hogan
Music & Lyrics by Kate Miller-Heidke & Keir Nuttall
With songs by Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus
& Stig Anderson originally written for ABBA

Undateable. Unemployable. Unstoppable.

Muriel is back! The iconic Australian film is set to become a big, bold and very cheeky musical. This dazzling new show keeps all the irreverence of the film along with its dark edge. With a brilliant creative team, original music, ABBA hits and a live band, this is the theatre event of the year. 

6 Nov 2017 – 20 Jan 2018 | Roslyn Packer Theatre