Directors: pathways to the Main Stage

For directors that have not yet worked on the Main Stage but who have gained significant experience directing elsewhere, we offer a number of entry level opportunities and a pathway towards that Main Stage debut.


STC employs Assistant Directors on most productions that are rehearsed in Sydney. The director of each production selects their AD, and in the majority of cases the Director comes to the company with someone in mind. On occasions, the Artistic Director introduces a selection of candidates from which a Director can choose. The Artistic Director puts forward these candidates based on aptitude and suitability.

STC employs Assistants who have demonstrated maturity, resilience and a capacity to self-start, and will consider seriously applicants who have directed at least four shows of their own on the independent sector, or have trained at one of the major directing courses. We tend to favour those who have demonstrated a commitment to directing as a career. As a NSW company, we will give preference to NSW based artists.

If you meet the above criteria and wish to be considered for an AD position, send an email to artisticteam@sydneytheatre.com.au with the subject title: "Assistant Directorships". Please attach a copy of your CV or biography. You will receive an email acknowledging your submission and if there are any suitable opportunities available you may receive follow up correspondence from a member of the Artistic Team. 


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