Emerging Writers' Group

Emerging Writers' Group

The STC Emerging Writers’ Group is a new initiative aimed specifically at emerging playwrights, with the objective of supporting professional development and expanding the participants’ skill sets, artistic vision and networks.

The inaugural group of writers are Emme Hoy, Julian Larnach, Moreblessing Maturure and Disapol Savetsila. The group will meet regularly throughout the year-long program (26 May 2017 to 4 May 2018) and will receive mentorship from STC’s Artistic Director, Literary Manager, Patrick White Playwrights’ Fellow and Resident Directors. The group will attend STC productions, company runs and take part in workshops with STC artists, as well as being given opportunities to discuss the work they see and their own artistic practice with mentors.

The year will culminate with the writers developing a commission pitch and sample scene which will be presented to STC for consideration in May 2018.

Emme Hoy
Julian Larnach
Moreblessing Maturure
Disapol Savetsila


STC acknowledges the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund for supporting this project