Inviting us to see your show

We understand the enormous amounts of dedication, energy, time and fundraising involved in producing an independent show so if we receive an invitation to a show in Sydney, we will do our best to attend.

If you wish to invite an STC representative to see your show, please email an invitation to artisticteam@sydneytheatre.com.au with the subject title INVITATION TO: [insert relevant title].

The Artistic Team is small and busy so please do give us as much notice as possible. We recommend sending an initial invitation well in advance of your show opening. At STC we are increasingly geared towards paperless administrative processes so sending an email is more effective than posting paper invitations.

We strongly recommend making a recording of your show in case theatre company representatives (either from STC or elsewhere) cannot make it along. We all know theatre is best experienced live but we can at least gain a sense of your work from looking at a youtube clip or DVD.