Chalkface: Night with the Teachers

New Australian play Chalkface may be a black comedy, but it’s also a serious study of the Australian school system and the pressures it places on students and teachers.

As a profession that sits at the nexus of political point scoring and populist opinions, this event will ask – what will it take for teachers to be valued in our society?

Chalkface: Night with the Teachers will feature playwright Angela Betzien and a panel representing a diversity of perspectives from the Arts and Education, encompassing current and former teachers and the university sector. Hosted by STC Education Manager, Kelly Young, panellists include Sonia Byrnes, Jihad Dib, Narelle Daniels and Dr Pasi Sahlberg.

WHEN: Mon 19 Sep, following the 6.30pm performance
WHERE: Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House
HOW TO BOOK: Complete the 2022 Education Booking Form. Send your completed form and any questions to [email protected] 

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Literature Symposium 2022

2022 Literature Symposium

We all love a good story! Stories enable us to envision alternative possibilities and different ways of knowing, doing, being and becoming. It is well established that literature nurtures empathy and helps us understand ourselves and others. We believe every learner must have easy access to a rich diversity of literature in their lives and learning.

That’s why Sydney Theatre Company has joined 12 Australian professional associations, organisations, foundations and councils to collaborate and develop a series of online presentations that celebrate the power of literature through a free Literature Symposium for 2022. With sessions on everything from conversations with authors, artists, educators and young learners, to short keynotes to panel discussions, the symposium explores literature from all angles.

Each free, online event will be useful for teachers, librarians, school leaders, early years educators, parents and carers, and all interested in ensuring there is rich literature in every home, preschool, classroom and library. The Literature Symposium will involve a series of free online presentations from a range of organisations.

As part of the symposium, STC Teaching Artists Tara Morice and Kate Worsley discuss drama, storytelling and literature with STC Director of Education and Community Partnerships Zoe Hogan. Watch now.

“In 2022, it is more important than ever that we all understand and celebrate the power of literature to help us imagine, question, interpret, understand, laugh and heal. We need to see ourselves in stories. Sharing stories enables us to come together as a rich and diverse community.” – Professor Robyn Ewing

WHEN: Wed 8 Jun - Fri 16 Dec

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