Equity Ticketing



Equity Ticketing at Sydney Theatre Company

As STC moves into its fifth decade of existence, we want STC to be a truly equitable and inclusive place. As part of our commitment to equity, community engagement and diversity in the Arts, STC has implemented an Equity ticketing program.

Equity tickets are for those facing social or financial barriers to attending theatre, including those who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, people from underrepresented culturally and linguistically diverse communities (including people from migrant and refugee backgrounds and/or people of colour); trans and/or gender diverse people; and/or those living with disability.

Equity tickets are a flat $10 per person (inclusive of all fees).

The upcoming shows are: Top Coat and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Using the equity ticketing booking form, community groups may book up to 10 tickets per show. Individuals may book up to two tickets, per person, per show.

If you or your community group fit the above self-identification, download an equity ticketing booking form.



Community Performances

In addition, STC holds community performances of our work that is directed and/or written by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists with the aim to do our part in building a theatre-going community that centres and elevates the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. 

If you identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and would like to join the invitation list for community performances, please email [email protected]

STC’s Equity ticketing program is designed to build on our partnerships with various community partners participating in STC’s Education & Community programs. STC’s Equity ticketing strategy was developed in consultation with Diversity Arts Australia, and informed by consultation and research with many Australian and international arts organisations who are doing fantastic work in making theatre more accessible. Find out more about STC’s commitment to equity and cultural representation.