Holdsworth Community



"The rewards of working with the participants in our class throughout the year have been immeasurable both professionally and personally. Having taught for over 25 years I have never experienced such joy, candour, patience and kindness of spirit in participants. Each and every week our class presents unique insights to the complexities of living with disability." Bronwyn Batchelor, STC Teaching Artist

Since 2018, STC has partnered with Holdsworth Community to deliver drama workshops to children, young people and adults living with an intellectual disability in Sydney.

The workshops focus on storytelling, creative communication and collaboration. Led by experienced Teaching Artists, drama is utilised to help participants improve their social skills, team work and verbal and non-verbal expression of ideas.

Feedback from participants and their families during the pilot phase of the program has been excellent. Holdsworth Community is supported by The James N Kirby Foundation to deliver this program.

To enrol, contact Holdsworth Community at (02) 9302 3600 or