STC Documentaries

STC Documentaries follow the evolution of STC productions, from page to stage. The focus of the documentaries is on directors, artistic associates, designers and playwrights and how these creatives collaborate to realise an artistic vision. The documentaries feature candid interviews with STC creatives, as well as individual sections focusing on casting, rehearsals, and production and design elements. The documentaries also include exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of set, costume and prop creation, design sketches and rehearsal and production images.

STC Documentaries are an excellent resource for teaching and learning about directing, the elements of production and creating HSC Individual Projects.


Sarah Giles, Accidental Death of an Anarchist


Imara Savage, Top Girls


Paige Rattray and Nakkiah Lui, Black is the New White


Stephen Page, Stephen Curtis and Tess Schofield, The Secret River


Sarah Goodes, The Hanging


Andrew Upton, Endgame


Kip Williams, Suddenly Last Summer


Andrew Upton, Cyrano de Bergerac