Work Experience Spotlight

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“The main lesson I took away from the experience is one of the greatest lessons of all: don’t wait for your aspirations to happen, make them happen. I began Work Experience with the singular goal of becoming an actor and by the end of the week I was driven to write my own scripts and produce my own material. The experience made me more inspired and motivated to pursue my goals than ever!” Oberon Marriot, Work Experience student 2018, pictured above (on right) with STC Artistic Director Kip Williams

In 2018, Oberon Marriot’s drama teacher told him about STC’s Work Experience Week. “I remember looking into the program and thinking how awesome it would be if I was able to do that; if I was able to work with the highest level professionals from Australia’s largest theatre company,” says Oberon. “The thought of being accepted into the program honestly seemed like a distant fantasy.”

Oberon lives in Lismore, 730km from Sydney. Alongside his creative video application for Work Experience Week (a rap song about his passion for theatre, featuring his dog), Oberon applied for STC’s regional scholarship, which covers the costs of travel and accommodation for a student and their parent/guardian. “Without a rural scholarship I would not have been able to attend,” says Oberon.

While initially Oberon’s interest was in acting, through Work Experience he found out about many other aspects of theatre making: “The program takes you through all the many facets of a theatre company and I found myself asking questions about jobs I did not previously know existed.”

Oberon recommends the program to any Drama students in NSW, regardless of their location. “If you love theatre, whether that be acting, scriptwriting, set design, finance, marketing, or an endless number of other theatre related professions, then there is no greater experience for you,” says Oberon.

Find out more about STC's Work Experience Week here.