Connecting Through Drama


 “I think it is a good idea to learn English naturally, with our bodies, like we learn our mother tongue, with people…this is a good idea to learn with laughing; no more stress.” Connected participant

Connecting Through Drama: Drama and Literacy for Learning English as an Additional Language, by Victoria Campbell and Zoe Hogan, was developed as a companion book to the Connected program at Sydney Theatre Company.

The Connected program focuses on the power of drama and storytelling to improve literacy, confidence and social connection. Connected uses traditional myths and folktales as a basis for learning, to explore character, place and meaning.
The book is a comprehensive drama and literacy resource for educators and theatre practitioners who want to confidently develop learning experiences, especially with adults from refugee and migrant communities. It includes:

• A summary of the Connected program and the theory behind the practice;
• Warm up activities and drama strategies;
• Nine dramas from oral storytelling traditions, including an overview, the key themes, a list of resources, a pretext and an outline of seven drama workshops.
• A chapter on how to find and adapt new stories for your own process drama work.

To purchase the book, visit Currency Press.