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School Drama Staff Days 

In addition to School Drama Classic and School Drama Hub, STC can deliver School Drama training to the entire teaching staff of one school, or to a geographic cluster of teachers from several schools.

How do I sign up?

Sessions run on demand. For enquiries, email


Full Day $1,000
Half Day $700


The Arts and Australian Education: Realising Potential
In this publication, Prof. Ewing outlines the potential of the Arts to reshape the way learning is conceived and organised in schools. Robyn Ewing is Professor of Teacher Education and the Arts at the University of Sydney and partners with STC on our School DramaTM program.

Resources for current teachers

The School Drama Book: Drama, Literature and Literacy in the Creative Classroom
The School Drama Companion: A Collection of Devices multi-touch book
Transforming the Curriculum through the Arts, research paper (order form)
Text: Drama Teaching in English (Chapter 8)
Text: Literacy Learning
Text: Imagination, Innovation & Creativity
Literature List