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School Drama™ Online

Exciting options for every classroom and context

At a glance

Option 1: Across the term Option 2: One-off incursions Option 3: Professional development


  • Weekly online workshops (45 min)
  • Professional learning built-in, for example:
    • Class split into two to allow for active interaction
    • First 45 min block – led by Teaching Artist
    • Second 45 min block – same 45 min workshop, led by you, supported by Teaching Artist
  • Each workshop concludes with a follow-up literacy activity for students to do remotely


  • One-off online drama andliteracy workshops for you and your class
  • Fun and interactive literacy lesson engaging student voice
  • 60 - 90 mins
  • Each incursion concludes with a follow-up literacy activity for students to do remotely


  • 90 minonline workshop showcasing how to use drama-based strategies in online learning


Learn how it works

With this quick webinar, featuring Professor Emerita Robyn Ewing AM and Zoe Hogan, STC's Acting Director of Education & Community Partnerships.

STC School Drama Online from Zoe Hogan on Vimeo.


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School Drama Online: Across the term

All workshops will be held online. When students return to school, Teaching Artist ‘Zooms’ into your classroom. 

School Drama Online was piloted in 2020 with 4 schools and 8 teachers. Below, you'll hear from teachers who have participated in the online program. 

"My students have become familiar with the technology, participated in fun and diverse drama activities from home and most importantly we kept a solid connection with each other which has made their transition back to school very smooth."
Participating teacher

"The students were highly engaged and really enjoyed the workshops…The collaborative nature of the tasks also created a strong sense of cooperation and camaraderie... I was surprised at just how well the workshops went and how engaged and active the students were. The facilitator was amazing."
Participating teacher

Number of teachers Unit price per teacher Total school contribution STC Contribution Full cost of program
1 Teacher $1,100 $1,100 $1,525 $2,625
2 Teachers $885 $1,770 $3,480 $5,250
3 Teachers $787 $2,360 $5,515 $7,875
4 Teaches $660 $2,640 $7,860 $10,500

For more information or to find out how School Drama Online can work at your school, email [email protected]

School Drama Online: One-off incursions

We have existing units on the following texts: 

  • Amy & Louis by Libby Gleeson
  • Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker
  • The Island by John Heffernan
  • Mr Huff by Anna Walker

If you're interested in any other texts, please get in touch with us. 

Number of incursions Total school contribution
1 incursion $250
2 incursions $450
3 incursions $600
4 incursions $700

For more information or to find out how to bring one-off School Drama incursions to your school, email [email protected]

School Drama Online: Professional Development

School Drama Online Professional Development workshops were piloted in 2020 with 94 teachers and 20 pre-service teachers.

“Thank you so much for an enjoyable, different and very helpful course in this current climate. Everyone was so supportive, encouraging, helpful and fun! Encore!”
Participating teacher"

Professional Development workshops run at a cost of $35 per teacher. For more information or to book a School Drama Professional Development workshop, email [email protected]

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