Synopsis: How To Rule The World

Date posted: 06 Sep 2018 Author: STC Production:  How to Rule the World 

An Aboriginal, an Asian and an Islander walk into a bar. It’s not the opener of a racist joke, it’s the booze-fuelled beginnings of an election campaign which will stretch the boundaries of their ingenuity – and ethics.

Vic, Zaza and Chris are political insiders hustling their way to the top. Educated, opinionated and passionate millennials, they’re sick of being pigeon-holed and held back because of their race, or their incompetent bosses. They want influence, they want change, they want to take over Parliament House. But with the odds stacked against them in a country less ‘woke’ than it cares to admit, they know it’s going to take some serious behind-the-scenes savvy.

They leave that bar drunk on power, with a plan to take over the world. The first step is to find a non-threatening, non-thinking white guy to use as a political puppet. The next step is to get him elected, by any means possible. As their plan comes to fruition Vic, Zaza and Chris become more tangled in it than they could ever have predicted. Will they change the system? Or will the system change them?


How to Rule the World, 11 Feb – 30 Mar 2018, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House

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Michelle Lim Davidson, Nakkiah Lui and Anthony Taufa