NEWS: The Beauty Queen of Leenane Casting Announcement

Date posted: 19 Aug 2019 Author: STC


Yael Stone and Noni Hazlehurst, 2019. Photo by Rene Vaile. 


We’re thrilled to reveal that Yael Stone and Noni Hazlehurst will be joining STC for our upcoming production of The Beauty Queen of Leenane.

Set in a small town in the Irish hills of Connemara, Yael will play Maureen Folan – a lonely singleton who lives with her aged mother, played by Noni.

However, this mother-daughter relationship is more arm wrestle than warm embrace. When Maureen stands the chance of having her first romantic relationship, Mag’s cantankerous presence is simply unbearable.

Director Paige Rattray describes these characters as “brilliant roles for women”.

“They are both incredibly flawed beings, playing domestic roles that have been thrust onto them by society and circumstance. Their psychology is complex and you see-saw between feeling anger, sympathy, understanding and outrage at their actions.”

“I can’t wait to see what actors of Yael and Noni’s calibre will bring to these roles. If our photo shoot is anything to go by our audiences are in for a very funny and surprising ride!”

Written by acclaimed playwright Martin McDonagh, The Beauty Queen of Leenane combines his signature devilishly satisfying sense of humour with a cruel underbelly.

The full cast is rounded out by Shiv Palekar and Hamish Michael.

The Beauty Queen of Leenane is playing 18 Nov – 21 Dec 2019 at Roslyn Packer Theatre.