Synopsis: No Pay? No Way!

Date posted: 01 Jan 2020 Author: STC Production:  No Pay? No Way! 

No-Pay-No-Way-SynopsisA local supermarket sits empty after being raided by a group of housewives, sick to the back teeth with the skyrocketing cost of living. The cops are totally at a loss as to where all the loot has been stashed. And all over town women are presenting with mysterious, overnight pregnancies. 

From her nearby apartment, Antonia — go-getter, tall-tale-teller and criminal mastermind — surveys the chaos she may or may not have instigated. Along with her BFF and reluctant accomplice Margherita, she attempts to evade the long arm of the law.

When both their husbands start to grow suspicious, though, Antonia and Margherita have to get creative. What ensues is farce, equal parts insightful and side-splitting, that takes on one of the 20th Century’s most profound showdowns: socialism vs capitalism.


No Pay? No Way! 
Event live stream: 7.30pm Thu 28 May
A recording will also be available on demand Fri 29 May  – Wed 3 Jun 

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Image of Helen Thomson & Catherine Văn-Davies, 2019. Photo by Rene Vaile