News: Green rain

Date posted: 14 Apr 2011Author: STC


2000 litres of water will be used to create the rain effect in tonight's performance of Baal.

To create the effect, a water system has been constructed that consists of two 2000L offstage tanks that are pumped through a sprinkler system in a grid above the stage. 

The water that showers down during the performance mixes with approximately 500 mL of stage blood- made of glucose, boiled water, chinese red food dye, vanilla essence, and browning essence.

Under the stage is a capture tank and after each performance the water is run through sand and UV filters back to the offstage storage tanks. The water is filtered and recycled for 8 performances, and replaced each week. 

When Baalwas performed in Melbourne, the water was used in the Malthouse Theatre garden. However, Sydney Theatre Company doesn't have a garden on the Wharf. Thankfully, City of Sydney supports sustainable water use and has agreed to use this water in our City parks.

As part of our Greening the Wharf program, STC's Green Design Policy helps each production be as sustainable as possible through use of products and processes that reduce our impact on the environment. And that's before our innovative rainwater harvesting system is completed in July.

Sustainable Sydney 2030 is the City's plan for the development of the City for the next 20 years and beyond. They aim to reduce the drinking water council uses, promote water-saving solutions to businesses and residents, improve stormwater quality to keep pollutants out of our waterways, and develop an alternative, sustainable water supply for the City.

Baal, Wharf 1 Theatre, 7 May - 11 June, 2011.