Feature: Gent #3

Date posted: 14 Dec 2011Author: STC







Only two weeks to go until we fly back to Sydney with a few days off before we head into Wharf 2! The time has gone so quickly!

We spent the last two weeks re working the stuff we created back in 2010 so there was lots of fine tuning and keeping and throwing out of material. This week we are working mostly on human evolution and beyond into the universe and the planets. We have an excellent design/props team that are working over time!

It snowed very briefly (too brief) in Gent and I spent last weekend in Paris for my birthday. Very very fun.

I'm looking forward to heading home and getting into performance so can you please make sure it is SUMMER BY THE TIME I GET BACK. You know what I'm talking about.

See you soon!

Zindz xx

A History of Everything, Wharf 2, 13 January - 5 February, 2012.