Q&A: The Wharf Sessions - Faker

Date posted: 2 Apr 2012Author: STC

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What is The Wharf Sessions?
The Wharf Sessions is STC's post show music program, running once a month on a Friday night. Basically, you can come to see some live theatre, then enjoy some fresh musical talent while you hang out in the bar afterwards. Or skip the theatre, and just come to see a band you love in an awesome setting for free. Or come to an awesome bar for some drinks and check out a band that you might not know to well. The Wharf Sessions have been running since 2008 and we have seen a heap of amazing talent grace the stage over the years.

Who can come along to it?
ANYONE and EVERYONE. The Wharf Session are free (which leaves you more money to spend at the bar!) and all are welcome.

What is the vibe like at The Wharf Sessions?
The best way to end a work week, we reckon. Great wine, that amazing view, and FREE MUSIC. What more could you want? It does depend on the band that we have on, but generally it's really relaxed and fun. It's such an intimate venue that the band can really connect with the audience, or create a massive dance floor. Anything goes. When Passenger played last year, they ditched the sound system and played acoustic - it was pretty special.

What acts have you booked for The Wharf Sessions in the past?
The list is long! We like to mix it up and get different genres in there. We've had great bands including Cloud Control, Paper Scissors, Cuthbert and the Nightwalkers, Wolf & Club, Red Riders, Parades, The Snowdroppers, Guinea Fowl and Suitcase Royale. We've got a bit crazy with brass out-fit Waiting for Guinness and mask-wearing, sense-assaulting Darth Vegas. And we don't forget about the ladies. Bertie Blackman, Elana Stone, Bridezilla, Lady Sings it Better, Ursula Yovich and The Stiff Gins have all graced the Wharf Sessions stage.

Why have you chosen Faker as the first band for 2012?
The stars aligned. We were looking for a band that would really kick-start The Wharf Sessions program in 2012 after a small hiatus while The Bar was being renovated. Faker have taken a little break too, so it's only fitting that they join us for the first Wharf Session.

What do they sound like?
If we were to send you to a record store you would need to check the Alternative or Indy rock section to find Faker, and to reference other bands, we would liken them to such bands as The Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers and Ksabian.

The Wharf Sessions: Faker, The Bar at the End of the Wharf, Friday 13 April, 10pm, free