Q&A: Marco Chiappi

Date posted: 16 Jan 2012Author: STC


Describe your character in three words.

Idealistic, ascetic, uncomfortable.

How do you get to know your character?

For this role, there was no need to stray too far from the script.

When did you first become aware of the play Pygmalion?

Early secondary school.

How do you feel at the beginning of a performance?

A little overwrought.

How do you feel when it is over?


Do you have a pre-show routine before each performance?

Physical and vocal warm up.

Do you ever look at the audience during a performance?


What do you do if you or one of your cast-mates mess up a line?

Improvise until we're both back on track or fall in a heap and hope the audience understands that it wasn't my fault.

What would you say to your character if you met them in real life?

Would a little compromise really kill you?

What do you like best about your character?

That we can part amicably at the curtain call.

Pygmalion, Sydney Theatre, 31 January - 3 March, 2012.

Rehearsal image of Marco Chiappi and Andrea Demetriades by Grant Sparks Carroll.