Q&A: Rachael Azzopardi

Date posted: 8 Jul 2012Author: STC

Rachael Azzopardi is the new STC Director of Programming and Artistic Operations. (Photo: Grant Sparkes-Carroll)

If you weren't an arts administrator, what would you be? 
An opera singer, but life took me in another direction.

What was your most memorable theatrical experience?
The Popular Mechanicals with Geoffrey Rush and Paul Blackwell at STCSA many moons ago. It was hilarious and so wonderfully performed. I have never laughed so much at the theatre; a magic night that has stayed with me for years.

Which artists do you find interesting at the moment?
I think Back to Back (the theatre company from Geelong, Victoria) are a true gift to performance making. They are brave, real and unique.

What is your favourite book?
Breaker Morant by Kit Denton - an amazing colonial story of in justice so beautifully written.

Favourite film?
Snowtown- powerful, haunting and beautifully crafted.

Favourite city?
Barcelona. It's vibrant, creative and has tapas bars!!

Your proudest achievement?  
When I was Executive Producer of Chunky Move we took our production of Mortal Engine to the Edinburgh Festival. For a small dance company from Victoria it was a very proud moment to be performing in one of the most prestigious festivals on the world stage.

What inspires you?
Honesty and bravery in others.

Your favorite way to indulge?
A night at home - watching TV and drinking a glass of wonderful white wine - a self-indulgence that doesn't happen enough.

When/why/how did you get your start in the arts?  
I had the wonderful opportunity of being chosen as the Programming Fellow at the Adelaide Festival Centre - a great one-year fellowship working in the programming and entrepreneurial department that started my love of wanting to be a producer.

How do you unwind on weekends?
Hanging out with friends and family.

Last meal on Earth?
Roast Chicken and steamed brussel sprouts followed by chocolate cake with berry coulis!

Do you ever get sick of theatre?