Q&A: Stefo Nantsou

Date posted: 2 Jul 2012Author: STC


Describe yourself as an artist in one sentence.

I'm an actor/writer/director/producer/musician/clown who makes shows and tours them.
Theatre is...
A shared experience by an audience and one or more performers.
What is your favourite book?
My pictorial Atlas my oldies bought me when I was 9. I love looking at the world.
What is your favourite play? Favourite playwright?
Hard for me to pick a favourite play and writer between The Bedbugby Vladimir Mayakovsky or The Resistable Rise of Arturo Uiby Bertolt Brecht or Eastby Steven Berkoff... all great plays, great writers, great concepts, great for actors and audience, and great stories. 
If you weren't an {actor/director/producer… etc},what would you be?
I'd be in with the tech crew building sets or making props. I like the tech crew. 
What is your favourite way to indulge?
Indulge???? Oh my God...I guess the easiest way to answer that is to say 'hanging out with my Amore". I love her so much.

If you could be anyone from throughout time, who would you be?
Fidel Castro. He took on the giant and he won.

What inspires you?
Travelling the world telling powerful stories to a very broad range of audiences.
When/why/how did you get your start in theatre?
My drama teacher at Warners Bay High School, Lindy Brugman, said "you're good at this", (no-one ever gave me encouragement at school, she was the first) and she introduced me Rob Jordan who was then Head of Drama at Newcastle University and he said "do Drama at Uni, you'll love it"... and he was right. 
What do you do to unwind on weekends?
Hang out with my Amore. (I know I've already said this, but it's the truth.) A lengthy Breaking Bador Dexteror Sopranosor 24DVD binge... with a few drinks and endless antipasto... or just go for a walk along Botany Bay... or... hmmmmm... buying the week's groceries from Marrickville Metro. It's all good.
Who would you love to work with (dead or alive)?
Vsevelod Meyerhold.
If you had an unlimited budget for a creative pursuit, what would you do with it?
I'd tour our STC Residents version of Accidental Death of an Anarchistto India. We had a few offers but sadly at the time we couldn't say 'yes'. Or make a show with Pink Floyd. Or Rolf Harris.
Do you ever get sick of theatre?
Which artist's body of work do you wish you had created? Why?
Jimi Hendrix. Why????  
Last meal on Earth?
With my Amore... perhaps garlic red peppers and cevapcici with a nice bottle of shiraz on Lake Ohrid right on sunset... beautiful.
What was your favourite STC show?
The Threepenny Opera. The cast were great.