Feature: A note from Filter

Date posted: 17 Jun 2012Author: STC


'Best to be like water which nourishes all things without trying.' Tao De Ching

Why 'Water'?

It is impossible to talk about water without discussing the politics surrounding the word. Making Water, we looked into global warming, polar ice-caps, flooding, water-related conflicts and the scarcity of fresh drinking water in the world. Yet the desire to make a piece of theatre about water did not originate in politics. Instead, it originated from our shared childhood memories. We connected the power of water to our own lives: tears, the ocean, fishing and toy boats. When we then looked into the science of water, we saw the beauty and complexity of the water molecule and found parallels with the complex nature of human relationships.

Peter: Most molecules work through repulsion; but not water. Water is sociable molecule, it loves to mingle.

Eventually we arrived at two intercutting stories, where the personal stands side by side with the global; characters that connect and disconnect, revealing the tug of war that exists between siblings and between their parents, over two generations, and two continents.

What is Filter?

Filter Theatre Company aims to expose the workings of a production, so that the process is inextricably linked to the performance and the writing. Actor, musician, video artist and stage manager are often visible to the audience. In this way we endeavour to forge a dynamic relationship between the artist and the audience, revelling in the immediacy of each moment, and letting imaginations run wild. Since we founded Filter in 2001, we've been fortunate to work with some
amazing artists whose individual influences have all helped develop the truly creative, shared devising language that remains the core of the company ethos. The birth of Filter may have come from a few people, but its realisation has been nurtured by many.

Ollie, Ferdy and Tim
Artistic Directors of Filter Theatre

Water, Sydney Theatre, 12-23 September, 2012.