Q&A: Sarah Goodes

Date posted: 27 Jun 2012Author: STC


Describe The Splinterin one sentence.

A story about how a mother and a father cope with the return of their 5 year old daughter and the power of grief,  fear and faith. 

What are your creative references for this production?

Maurice Sendak, Hans Christian Anderson, Ingmar Bergman's film Scenes from a Marriage, photographer Samantha Everton, The Turn of the Screwby Henry James, artist Louise Bourgeois.

At what stage in the development process did you join the creation of this show?

There was an initial workshop that involved Hilary the writer, Alice Osborne puppetry director and Polly Rowe with the STC Residents. The first draft came from that. I joined the process some months after this.

Why does Hilary Bell's writing appeal to you?

It is dark, mysterious, funny and has a haunting quality to it - her writing has wonderful atmosphere to it - which stays with you for days.

Which theatre-makers do you find most interesting/inspiring at the moment?

Johannes Schutz, Rufus Didwiszus, Romeo Castellucci, My Darling Patricia.

Which artists working in mediums outside of live theatre do you find interesting?

Bonnie Prince Billy, artist William Kentridge, writer Willy Vlautin, film director Michael Haneke.

What makes a good audience?

A good audience is one that is open , interested,  curious - awake!!

What is the best theatrical experience you have had as an audience member?

When I see something that surprises me but at the same time I could not imagine it being any other way.

If you weren't a theatre director, what would you be?

A teacher. Children / young adults are great- at times - sometimes they are just plain crazy but sometimes the way their minds work is fascinating. Teaching them to express themselves and watching them make sense of who they are and the world they live in is such a challenging enjoyable experience - when I teach it reminds me why I love theatre - it is a medium that allows us to share our experiences of being human, to make sense of complex emotions, ask questions and to not feel so alone.

The Splinter, Wharf 1 Theatre, 10 August - 15 September, 2012.