News: Message in a bottle #1

Date posted: 21 Mar 2012Author: Joe Cutcliffe

We are thrilled that it is almost time to unveil our fabulous new eating and drinking venue, The Bar at the End of the Wharf. Once it is up and running, Food & Beverage Manager Sharon Timms and Bar Manager Joe Cutcliffe will be in charge of making sure you have a fabulous time in the bar with the best view in Sydney. They will regularly blog here about exciting happenings and changes in the bar, and today Joe gives us an idea of what to expect...




So it's true. You heard it here first. Unless you've already heard it somewhere else in which case you heard it hear second or third or so forth. My point is that it's finally out in the open that we're opening a bar. No more hiding it, there's dust and sparks and lots of noise at the end of the wharf and a big slab of concrete where there is soon to be, lo and behold, our very own bar and restaurant.


So, pre- and post-theatre dining is covered, a cheeky drinky-drink or two is looked after and a nice place to sit above the harbour before or after your visit to one of the many fine STC productions on offer at any given time is a given.


So what else? It's only fair that a theatre have a theatre bar, right? It's true. But we're not just a theatre bar. We're an everyone bar. While theatre patrons will be catered to and looked after and loved dearly, The Bar at the End of the Wharf is a place for everybody. By opening a 'proper' bar and not just a foyer bar, we can offer more to our beloved customers and patrons. You will be able to enjoy an expertly made cocktail or ask one of our staff about the wine you're drinking with confidence. We've put love into it.


So what's on offer? Well, I'm not giving away too much too soon. I will allude to a few things, though. Our house beer is as iconic as a Koala in a gumtree and comes from arguably the most water-efficient brewery in the world. Our cocktail list features actual cocktails made by, wait for it, actual bartenders. Our wine list features local drops with an organic, biodynamic focus. We are featuring a local cider so, ahem, 'green' that the whole product travels less than 300km from organic orchard to brewery then to us. We will also be smiling and we hope you will be too.


Keep your eyes here for more updates between now and opening night, then beyond. Until then.


Joe Cutcliffe
Bar Manager