Q&A: Designer David Fleischer

Date posted: 6 Nov 2012Author: STC Production: Boys will be boys, Love and Information, Calpurnia Descending, Children of the Sun, Mojo, Travelling North

Fleischer_400px.jpgDavid Fleischer's designs have graced many STC productions in recent years. From the grandeur of Children of the Sun to the camp fun of Calpurnia Descending, his attention to detail and his theatremaking smarts shine through. Get to know a little about this rising star of design...


Please describe yourself as an artist in one sentence.
I like big ideas.

Theatre is...
Always changing.

What is your favourite book?
Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being. It's enlightening. 
Favourite playwright?
Tennessee Williams. The lyricism of the writing is absorbing.

If you weren't theatre designer, what would you be?
An architect or a photographer.

What is your favourite way to indulge?
Buying a stack of magazines and slowly making my way through them over a whole day. Also, buying really excellent stationery.

If you could be anyone from throughout time, who would you be?
Someone who lived in Scandinavia in the 20th century.

What inspires you?
Photography - from magnificent studio-shot editorials to dinky family polaroids.

When/why/how did you get your start in theatre?
I was in the middle of a degree studying visual communication/graphic design and a tutor said, "You think in 3D!"

What do you do to unwind on weekends?
Cook. Yoga. Go to the pub. Rummage through cheap auction houses and thrift shops for gems. Definitely not in that order.

Who would you love to work with (dead or alive)?
Wes Anderson.

If you had an unlimited budget for a creative pursuit, what would you do with it?
Find an amazing space somewhere around the world, and turn it into a theatre space+company.

Do you ever get sick of theatre?

Which artist's body of work do you wish you had created?
Dieter Rams. He represents a strong philosophy for design.

Last meal on Earth?
Bread and butter. Simple is always better.

What was your favourite STC show?
The Wonderful World of Dissocia. It was spectacularly entertaining and yet really touching.



Children of the Sun, 8 Sep - 25 Oct 2014, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House

Calpurnia Descending, 9 Oct - 8 Nov 2014, Wharf 2 Theatre

Boys will be boys, 16 Apr - 9 May 2015, Wharf 2 Theatre

Love and Information, 9 Jul - 15 Aug 2015, Wharf 1 Theatre

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