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Date posted: 12 Dec 2013Author: STC Production: Cyrano de Bergerac

2014's production of Cyrano de Bergerac will be the third in STC's history. John Bell donned the famous schnoz in 1980 and then it was Jeremy Sims in 1999. In this gallery of archival photos, we look back at the noses, the swords and the extraordinary costumes that have always made Cyranoa rousing favourite here in Sydney.


STC_CyranodeBergerac-return,1981_04 ©BGaica.jpg


John Bell (Cyrano) works the distinctive side profile, but fails to impress Robyn Nevin (Roxane). (Photo: Branco Gaica)



John Bell looks down on Andrew McFarlane's leather pants and distinct lack of hat, but McFarlane (Christian) quickly forgets the pain of these insults when he gets to snog Robyn Nevin on her balcony. (Photos: Branco Gaica)


STC_CyranodeBergerac-return,1981_05-16 ©BGaica.jpg


Robin Ramsay (Comte de Guiche) bribed the STC costume department to make sure he had more pinstripes than anyone else on stage. John Bell didn't think this was fair. (Photo: Branco Gaica)


STC_CyranodeBergerac,1980_04-8a (c)BGaica.jpg


In the end, Andrew McFarlane bowed to pressure and bought hats for himself and all his friends (Alan Tobin, Robert van Mackelenberg and Stuart Campbell). (Photo: Branco Gaica)


STC_CyranodeBergerac,1999_s03 (c)TSchramm.jpg


Fast forward to 1999 and it's Jeremy Sims (Cyrano) who's berating Jack Finsterer (Christian) for not having a hat. (Photo: Tracey Schramm)


STC_CyranodeBergerac,1999_s01 (c)TSchramm.jpg


Meanwhile, Justine Clark (Roxane) practices holding hands with Jack Finsterer... (Photo: Tracey Schramm)


STC_CyranodeBergerac,1999_s02 (c)TSchramm.jpg STC_CyranodeBergerac,1999_s04 (c)TSchramm.jpg


... So that, by the time she meets Jeremy Sims, she is very adept at holding hands and is even willing to give herself a little smile. (Photos: Tracey Schramm)


STC_CyranodeBergerac,1980_10 (c)BGaica.jpg


At the end of the day, whether they're drawing swords over hats, pinstripes or Robyn Nevin, it's love and poetry that rule the day in the epic romance that is Cyrano de Bergerac. (Photo: Branco Gaica)



Cyrano de Bergerac, 11 Nov - 20 Dec 2014, Sydney Theatre