Feature: Being Mrs Warren

Date posted: 13 Mar 2013Author: STC

What attracted you to the role of Mrs. Kitty Warren in G. B. Shaw's Mrs Warren's Profession?
She's a dame! I get to show her from two angles: Cockney, to show where she came from, and middle-class, to show where she is now.

What do you like best about this play?
It's funny and so sad and packs a punch with its comments on society.

Why is this work not a museum piece?
Because the moral issues of what people will do to escape poverty and prejudices are still current.

What was the atmosphere like in the rehearsal room? What discussions were sparked by the subject matter?
It's very easy and there's lots of laughter. We talk about prostitution, now and then. Very interesting subject matter!

What is your favourite scene in the play?
The final scene in Act Four between Mrs Warren and her daughter.

Your favourite line?
Mrs. Warren: "But Lord help the world if everybody took to doing the right thing!"

What are your memories of your first production at STC (Arcadiain 1994)?
There are many, but meeting Tom Stoppard, who came out for the previews and opening night, was very exciting.

What is one lesson you have learned from working at STC?
Don't eat too many cream biscuits at morning tea when you're doing a corset play.

What has been your favourite STC role?
That's too hard - it's like asking a mother which of your children is your favourite.

What was your favourite costume in an STC production?
I've had many, but probably Lady Sneerwell in The School for Scandaldirected by Judy Davis. The designer was the late great Kristian Fredrikson  and I had swathes of purple silk, a huge wig and a dead fox around my neck. Heaven.

What role would you love to play at STC?
I'd love to be in anything by Chekhov or Coward at the moment. Great writers, great roles.

How has STC changed since you first performed here?
It is now an international company, I suppose. It's really stepped onto the world stage.

Mrs Warren's Profession, Wharf 1 Theatre, 14 February - 6 April and from 4 - 20 July, 2013.