Playlist: Romeo and Juliet

Date posted: 24 Oct 2013Author: STC

Theatre doesn't end at the final curtain. We hear its echo in our dreams, we see its shadow the next morning. Maybe there's a moment we don't want to forget, maybe a feeling we want to sink into again and again.

This Spotify* playlist lets you slide from the syncopated pop of alt-J to the honeysoaked indie-rock of The Drums, from the Scando-bass club sound of Robyn to the new school sampling of Clean Bandit, from the enveloping layers of Julianna Barwick to the haunting strings of Max Richter.

May Juliet, Romeo, Mercutio, Tybalt and the gang all join you on the dancefloor.


Romeo and Juliet
, 17 Sep - 2 Nov 2013, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House

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