Feature: Pinocchio Shadow Puppets How-To

Date posted: 16 Apr 2014Author: STC

Pinocchio is a great example of how puppets can come to life and he's inspired us to create shadow puppets that you can put together at home.


Download the Pinocchio shadow puppet to print at home, or purchase a Pinocchio program at the Sydney Opera House foyer when you come to see the show to get the full range of characters (Pinocchio, Geppetto, Blue Girl and Stromboli). 




What you will needFor your puppets

1x scissors

1x glue stick and/or sticky tape

1x hole puncher

4x split pins per puppet

(split pins allow movement and can be bought from newsagencies or stationery shops, but you can also use whatever you have at hand to fasten the pieces together - a stapler will do!)

1x stick per puppet

(at least 10cm, but longer is good - a ruler, pencil, twig from the garden or even a paddle pop stick!)


For your puppet show

1x white sheet or white paper

1x lamp or torch



STEP 1Step 1


Kids beware of sharp scissors! Ask an adult to help you cut along the dotted lines of each part.


Tip: Try using small scissors, like nail scissors, to help you get around the corners








STEP 2Step 2


Use a hole puncher to punch out the circles where marked.


Tip: Careful to hole punch on the dotted circle. If you miss, wrap sticky tape over the mistake and punch again.






Step 3STEP 3


Turn the puppet over and get your puppets limbs in order! Align each arm and leg with the body - we suggest you use the arrangement above, but your puppet can be wackier if you like!


We are using Pinocchio, but you can also get Geppetto, Blue Girl and Stromboli from the Pinocchio program available for $10 in the Sydney Opera House foyer when you come to see the show.




STEP 4Step 4


Fasten the limbs to the body by pushing a split pin through the hole and folding back the arms of the pin.


No split pins? No worries! If you don't mind your puppet being a bit stiff, a stapler will work just fine.


Tip: You can use a little bit of sticky tape on the back of the split pin to hold it in place





Step 5STEP 5

Glue or tape your stick to the back of the puppet, leaving enough stick at the bottom to hold.











Step 6STEP 6


String up a white sheet or large piece of white paper as a screen. Stand behind the screen with your audience in the front of the screen.












Place a strong light just behind you and the screen - a lamp or torch. Get your puppets ready to perform, and turn on the light. Enjoy the show!


Or, you can have just as much fun by casting shadows on the wall with a torch or even the light from a mobile phone!


Tip: Play around with the angle of the light to change shapes and sizes!








Have you made your puppets? Take a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. #sydneytheatreco #STCPinocchio.




Pinocchio, 11 Apr - 4 May 2014, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House