Playlist: Loved Up & Broken Hearted

Date posted: 11 Jul 2014Author: STC Production: The Effect

Over the last few weeks you have shared with us your all-time favourite songs from both ends of the love spectrum. Whether it’s hitting that repeat button and eating a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s or smiling until your cheeks hurt, we feel you.

We would be lying if we said we hadn’t shared a few emotional fist pumps over this mixtape so thank you for sharing your guilty pleasures and be sure to check out the Bewilderment of Love playlist that the cast and creatives of The Effect put together.

So, get prepared – gaze into the middle distance, take up your ice-cream spoon, hug that pillow - this playlist will do the rest.

Thanks to the suggestions from Vee@Vee_Trix, Lex Tully @afoodstory, elaine @angelis_eggy, Feda @FedaSanLaurent and marmar_mariya.