Feature: The Who's Who of Pinocchio

Date posted: 25 Mar 2014Author: STC

Pinocchio is a fun experience for the whole family. This who's who guide introduces you to the colourful characters before you see the show, so kids and adults alike know who and what to expect. You'll feel like you're meeting old friends as they appear on stage - and more importantly, be able to tell friend from foe…



Blue GirlBlue Girl

She was a blue-haired girl who loved riding her motorbike, exhilarated by the speed and sense of abandon. In the prologue, she crashes into a pine tree and dies. We next see her living on a deserted island where Pinocchio washes up.







He is a toymaker - his workshop sits amongst huge skyscrapers and smokestacks. He lives with the ghosts of his past, talking to himself and lamenting the state of the modern world. He has spent his life creating toys that have brought joy to many children, yet he has never known the love of his own child.






Carved from the pine tree that earlier claimed the life of the young blue-haired girl, Pinocchio slowly comes to life under the skilful hands of Geppetto. Looking in the mirror, Pinocchio is pleased with the finished result and is ready to party.







The richest man in the world, Stromboli owns a plastics empire. But, despite his fortune, he is never happy. Through the window of Geppetto's shop he sees Pinocchio and is enthralled. He offers five million dollars but Geppetto won't sell. Stromboli vows he will have Pinocchio no matter what.






Kitty-Poo-Foxy-Photo-Tony-Lewis.jpgKitty Poo and Foxy

They are runaways, 'ferals' who refer to themselves as 'party animals'. Kitty Poo wants her own television show. Foxy comes from a family who argue over money, so he vows he will never work. As runaways they survive through pickpocketing.







Cricket is a voice of reason, appearing to Pinocchio at times when he is confronting his own fears and his bad behaviour.








Pinocchio, 11 Apr - 4 May 2014, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House


Photos by Tony Lewis featuring the original cast.