Q&A: Director Paige Rattray

Date posted: 4 Sep 2014Author: STC Production: Boys will be boys

Paige RattrayYou’ve had a long history of working with new Australian writing, what excites you about it?

I love working with the writer in a room, it's the collaboration of all the artists on new work that really excites me. Your team become invested in the work on a deeper level, in my experience, as you are diving into the unknown and creating a whole new world for these freshly concocted characters to exist in. There are no reference materials on the work to guide you, it is completely original. And, well, who doesn't love a World Premiere?

Have you worked with playwright Melissa Bubnic before? How do you approach working with a writer when you’re staging their play for the first time?

Melissa and I haven't worked together before so I started by asking questions about how the play came to be and we discussed style and what she was seeing while writing it. My job at the moment is to try and get inside the play and understand where it was written from so we are working towards the same production. It feels quite dangerous and fun and that’s an excellent combination.

How would you describe Boys will be boys and what drew you to it? 

The play is bold, brash and doesn't pull its punches. The dialogue is cracking and the female roles in the play are layered, powerful and always surprising. The gender politics in the play suck you in, they are complicated, unapologetic and make you continually question yourself. 

Have you and designer David Fleischer had any discussions about the look and feel of the production?

Dave and I have worked together on numerous productions, we begin our process by exploring the themes and physical realities of the piece and we are still in those discussions. There is quite a bit of research for us to do on this one as the trading floor isn't a familiar place for us, to say the least! So, no secrets to give away yet, but I'm hoping for some serious power suits and cabaret splendour (Dave may have something to say about that...).


Boys will be boys, 16 Apr - 9 May 2015, Wharf 2 Theatre

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