Video: Director Kip Williams

Date posted: 10 Feb 2015Author: STC Production: Suddenly Last Summer

In his visionary new production of Suddenly Last Summer, STC Resident Director Kip Williams blends stage craft with live video to delve deep inside this rarely produced Tennessee Williams classic. Multiple cameras capture and zoom in on the live action, giving the audience a cinematic view of the Drama Theatre stage, taking us closer to these extraordinary characters and inside their story like never before.

In the midst of rehearsals, we stole some time with Kip to discuss how the original stage directions inspired his vision for this play and the kind of experience he is crafting for the audience.



Break it down

If you're on a deadline, skip ahead to:

0:37 Kip's first encounter with Tennessee Williams and dramatic irony
1:43 how Tennessee Williams explores the dynamic between what people project and what they truly are
3:26 on why live video is being used in STC's production of Suddenly Last Summer
4:31 Tennessee Williams as a theatrical renegade pushing at the boundaries of theatre



Suddenly Last Summer, 9 Feb - 21 Mar 2015, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House

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