Feature: The Dharug language in rehearsals

Date posted: 27 Jan 2016Author: STC Production: The Secret River

From the early stages of The Secret River, Richard Green (pictured below) has been an invaluable language consultant, helping playwright Andrew Bovell give voice to the Dharug family of the story. Here, Richard shares a quick reference guide for rehearsal room terminology.


Richard Green and Iain Grandage. Photo by Hon Boey

Dharug English
Yan Go
Gugugu Stop
Didjurigura Thank you
Budyari Good
Biall wiri Not good
La Do it/Action
Gutbang Cut
Wugal Before/First position
Gili Back
Mayal-ya Wait
Wamma-la Faster
Daran Mistake
Naala Gili Watch your work
Wurral Slower
Banga Make it
Yan diem Go there
Ngarra Listen
Naala Looking
Ngundu Sorry
Yanu Bye
Warami Greeting



The Secret River, 1 Feb – 20 Feb 2016, Roslyn Packer Theatre


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