Feature: Who succeeds the Queen?

Date posted: 8 Mar 2016Author: STC Production: King Charles III

Determining the order of succession to the British throne is a matter of marriage, birth and religion.

Marriage is important, because children born "illegitimately" don't count (up until 2013, marrying a Roman Catholic was also grounds for disqualification). Birth is important, because it's all about being first (gender stopped being important in 2013 when male-preference primogeniture was dropped, though this was only applied to births after 2011). And religion is important, because while you can now marry a Roman Catholic, you definitely can't be one.

So, below is the family tree and order of succession of some legitimate Anglicans who totally make the cut.




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King Charles III, 31 Mar – 30 Apr 2016, Roslyn Packer Theatre


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