Synopsis: All My Sons

Date posted: 10 May 2016Author: STC Production: All My Sons

August, 1946, a suburban yard in an American town. The Keller family – Kate and Joe – have two sons, Chris and Larry. Larry disappeared three years ago while fighting in the Pacific.



It is early Sunday morning, neighbours gather in the Keller yard. Kate Keller believes her son Larry will return home; Chris believes otherwise. Chris plans on proposing to Ann Deever, who was Larry’s girlfriend at the time he went missing.

Ann’s father, Steve Deever, is in prison for selling cracked cylinder heads to the US Air Force, which caused the deaths of 21 pilots. Joe Keller was his business partner at the time, but he was exonerated. 

Chris proposes to Ann, who accepts. Meanwhile, the Keller home receives a phone call from George Deever, Ann’s brother, who informs them he is on his way to talk to them all in person – the matter is urgent.



Twilight, that evening. When George arrives, he claims that his father, Steve, was following Joe’s orders when he knowingly sent out the defective cylinder heads. Joe denies this. But George continues to pick holes in Joe’s argument. Chris confronts Joe about his culpability.



Two o’clock the following morning. Chris has driven away. Ann reveals to Kate that she has a letter from Larry. She had not wanted to share it until now. All will be revealed.



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All My Sons, 4 Jun – 9 Jul 2016, Roslyn Packer Theatre


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