Feature: Speed-the-Plow costumes

Date posted: 3 Nov 2016Author: STC Production: Speed-the-Plow

Our former Resident Designer David Fleischer has created some unforgettable sets and costumes for STC over the years, from The Golden Age to Children of the Sun.

Speed-the-Plow takes an insider's look at Hollywood circa 1988. The bold shapes, cuts and hairstyles of the era are instantly recognisable, but David has set out to evoke those fashions without any sense of parody. And, with a play that explores the internal cogs of the Hollywood machine, what better place to find reference points than on the silver screen. Rather than look just at the fashion being worn on Rodeo Drive in 1988, David looked at how Hollywood and Los Angeles has been portrayed by Hollywood itself.

Here, the movies that have helped inspire the costumes of Speed-the-Plow.



An extraordinary ensemble cast, directed by Robert Altman, bring a set of Raymond Carver short stories to life in Los Angeles.




Quentin Tarantino's break-out movie of LA thugs in tailored suits.




Another movie directed by Robert Altman, in which Elliott Gould plays writer Raymond Chandler's greatest creation, Philip Marlowe (the private detective famously played by Humphrey Bogart in the past).




Altman's seminal Hollywood satire starring Tim Robbins and Greta Scacchi – a classic.



L.A. STORY (1991)

Steve Martin dates Sarah Jessica Parker thanks to the input of a talking billboard in this comedy of surreal Los Angeles proportions. 




Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd team up as private detectives to solve crime, crack jokes and exude sexual tension.



Speed-the-Plow, 8 Nov – 10 Dec 2016, Roslyn Packer Theatre

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