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Date posted: 10 Aug 2017Author: STC Production: Muriel’s Wedding the Musical

Madeleine Jones plays Rhonda and Maggie McKenna plays Muriel in Muriel's Wedding the Musical (Photo: Nic Walker)
Madeleine Jones plays Rhonda and Maggie McKenna plays Muriel in Muriel's Wedding the Musical (Photo: Nic Walker)


Sydney Theatre Company and Global Creatures announced today that Australian actor Madeleine Jones will play the role of Muriel’s best friend Rhonda in the world premiere of Muriel’s Wedding the Musical.

As Director Simon Phillips put it: "It’s great to have found our Rhonda at last. She’s such a pivotal character in Muriel’s story, seemingly the only person who lives a life uncluttered by self-delusion or self-esteem issues. I think the audience warm to her enormously as a kind of honesty barometer, and I know that in Madeleine we have an actress of great personality and charm, a perfect match for Maggie McKenna’s Muriel and a wonderful addition to the cast overall."

Madeleine recently played Patty in the QTC tour of Simon Phillips’ Ladies in Black as well as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and Ariel in The Tempest for Sport for Jove. She won the Green Room Award for playing the lead role of Girl in the MTC/GFO production of musical Once.



Madeleine Jones (Photo: Nic Walker)
Madeleine Jones (Photo: Nic Walker)

Madeleine, what drew you to the role of Rhonda?

From the outset Rhonda is fierce, fearless and a whole lot of fun. She knows who she is and what she wants and she’s not afraid to tell it how it is. Then all of a sudden her world is turned upside down and her whole way of life is taken away from her. She has a massive journey and the challenge of playing a role like that is very exciting.

Why do you think Muriel’s Wedding still has so much appeal?

I think everyone has a little Muriel in them. That part of us that doesn’t quite fit in, that’s desperate to be accepted and loved… and certain that we'll be famous and rich if we can just get enough “likes”. It’s a story about acknowledging your true self and realising that we’re all as weird and wonderful as each other.

What was your audition with Maggie like?

Working with Maggie for the first time felt more like playtime than an audition. There was an instant connection which made finding those initial sparkles of Muriel and Rhonda’s friendship easy.

What are you most looking forward to in being part of the production?

One of the things that most excites me about this show is the music. I’ve been a big Kate Miller-Heidke fan for a long time and the songs that she and Keir Nuttall have written are masterful!



Muriel’s Wedding the Musical, 6 Nov 2017 – 27 Jan 2018, Roslyn Packer Theatre

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