Synopsis: Dinner

Date posted: 24 Aug 2017Author: STC Production: Dinner

Paige Janssen is hosting a dinner party. Her husband Lars has just published a new pop-philosophy book, Beyond Belief, and it’s a hit.

A carefully curated guest list assemble at their opulent country manor – an artist, a scientist and a journalist. One person is missing. But it isn’t long before an uninvited stranger knocks on the door.

As Paige leads her diners through an unusual array of dishes, the conversation gets personal and the revelations are startling. The night will not end well.


This synopsis is part of the printed program booklet for Dinner, which also features:

  • notes from Artistic Director Kip Williams
  • an interview with director Imara Savage designer Elizabeth Gadsby 
  • biographies and photos of the cast and crew
  • photos from the rehearsal room
  • articles and essays on the show
  • and much more!

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