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Date posted: 16 Mar 2017Author: STC Production: Talk

John Waters in Sydney Theatre Company's Talk
John Waters is a talkback radio host (photo: James Green)


Talk is set across three locations around Sydney: a commercial radio broadcast studio; an office of the public radio broadcaster; and the editor’s office of a major newspaper.

Yesterday, talkback radio host John Behan shared with his listeners the criminal record of an alleged sex offender, Charles Turner, whose case was being tried. This public revelation meant the trial had to be aborted. Today, as the police come to arrest him for contempt of court, Behan locks himself in his studio and continues to broadcast live. 

Meanwhile, at the public broadcaster, 38-year veteran journalist Taffy Campbell has his last day in the office. As Behan’s defiance of the police becomes known, Taffy and his junior colleague Danielle Rowesthorne begin following the story.

At the same time, newspaper editor Julie Scott and journalists Max Gardner and David Senridge look into the background of the man accused of the sexual assault, Charles Turner, as well as his de facto, Candice Brickwell, and her daughter, the alleged victim, Roxannay.

Behan continues to broadcast and take calls on air. As more details emerge, some of those listening and following on social media take matters into their own hands. Julie Scott and her colleagues stoke the outrage, while Taffy Campbell and his team do their own investigative work. But as the story gathers an all-but-unstoppable speed, who’ll take stock and pause to unearth the truth?


This synopsis is part of the program for Talk, which also features:

  • a note from Artistic Director Kip Williams and writer/director Jonathan Biggins
  • biographies and photos of the cast and crew
  • photos from the rehearsal room
  • insights into the current state of news media
  • a timeline of journalism in the digital age
  • and much more!

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Talk, 3 Apr – 20 May, Sydney Opera House

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