Synopsis: Blackie Blackie Brown

Date posted: 18 Sep 2017Author: STC Production: Blackie Blackie Brown

Blackie Blackie Brown (Illustration: Emily Johnson)

Dr Jacqueline Black is an Aboriginal archaeologist working on a dig somewhere in the Australian bush. Uncovering a mass grave, she picks up a skull and is suddenly seized by a transcendent power.

Jacqueline’s great-great-grandmother speaks to her from beyond the veil. She speaks of the white men who brutally massacred her family. She speaks of that sin being passed down through the generations. She tasks Jacqueline with exacting revenge – she must kill all 400 descendants of the men who murdered her ancestors.

A vigilante is born: Blackie Blackie Brown, the traditional owner of death. 

Blackie embarks on her revenge. She kills far-right racists, footballers in black face, and white hippies playing didgeridoos… but she also has to kill people who make her question her use of violence and test her resolve. As well as wrestling with her own morality, Blackie has to evade the shadowy figure who is stalking her with the intent of stealing the superhuman power of her great-great-grandmother's skull.


Blackie Blackie Brown: The Traditional Owner of Death, 12 May – 30 Jun 2018, Wharf 2 Theatre

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