Synopsis: The Long Forgotten Dream

Date posted: 19 Sep 2017Author: STC Production: The Long Forgotten Dream

Wayne Blair (Photo: Rene Vaile)

Jeremiah Tucker is in his mid 50s. He lives tucked away on the windswept coastline of South Australia's Coorong region. Lately, he's been having strange turns. He fears he might be sick. But is there something wrong with his mind or his heart?

His daughter Simone has just returned from a year overseas. She's been researching a PhD in archaeology and tracking down the stolen remains of King Tulla, her great-grandfather.

Having located the bones of their ancestor, Simone is now working with the local pastor to organise a formal welcome home for Tulla's remains. Jeremiah has been asked to speak over the bones but is resistant, terrified of stirring up painful events from the family's past. But in the small town where they live, the past is always present. It has never been laid to rest.



The Long Forgotten Dream, 23 Jul – 25 Aug 2018, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House

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