Synopsis: Saint Joan

Date posted: 18 Sep 2017Author: STC Production: Saint Joan

Sarah Snook as Joan (Photo: Rene Vaile)

The year is 1429 and English forces have besieged the French city of Orléans.

Joan, a farm girl from the village of Domrémy, has an audacious vision. She will liberate Orléans, she will crown the Dauphin (the heir to the throne of France) in Reims Cathedral and rid her country of its English invaders. She insists that God is calling her to do so.

Joan’s certainty of her divine calling inspires everyone she meets. Until it doesn’t. Then, her success and her profile cost her dearly. She is a threat to the Church, which accuses her of heresy –
a crime punishable by death.

Her life culminates in an inquisition. A battle of words and will-power, in which a young woman stands up to the powerful men who hope to destroy her.



Saint Joan, 5 Jun – 30 Jun 2018, Roslyn Packer Theatre

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