Synopsis: White Pearl

Date posted: 6 Sep 2018Author: STC Production: White Pearl 2019

Merlynn Tong

It’s another day at the Singapore headquarters of Clearday Cosmetics, a highly successful start-up making waves in Asian cosmetic markets with their coveted ‘whitening cream’. Things have been going well, but today the team has a big problem to handle: Clearday’s new TV commercial has just been leaked online and is getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

It doesn’t take long for the video to go viral, kicking up debate within the team almost as vicious as the comments online. Who approved the video? Who leaked it? Is it as racist as everyone is saying? What responsibility does the company have to its consumers? And most importantly, who deserves the blame for this catastrophe?

As the team at Clearday scrambles to contain the fallout, the open-plan, glass-door office proves to be a nest of secrets, lies and resentments. With a cultural mix that includes Chinese, Japanese, South Korean, Singaporean, Thai, English and American, the increasingly apparent divisions within the group reveal the complexity of pan-Asian relations and the toxicity of corporate culture.


White Pearl, 24 Oct – 9 Nov 2019, Lennox Theatre, Riverside Parramatta

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