Lights Up

When so much of theatre is about exploring who we could be in a different world, you start to see that philanthropy is just like theatre. Whether you are taking your seat for a performance or giving a gift behind the scenes, you are investing in the vision of what you want to see and creating the company you want to be a part of.

We have all missed the connection that comes from gathering to experience a great piece of theatre, and eagerly anticipate its return. Our actors and creative teams are working tirelessly towards that special moment fast approaching, when the theatre becomes hushed, and the performance begins with one cue: Lights Up.

Remounting the shows we missed in 2021 is a very real challenge faced by our company today, and we invite you to please support our return, so that when the bright lights hit our stage once again, we know that we each played our part in securing an exciting future for the theatre that we know and love.

If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation on (02) 9250 1976 during business hours, Monday to Friday, or email You can donate online below or by post, by printing our donation form.

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