Include STC in your Will

Hugo Weaving in Riflemind, 2007

'The power of simple theatrical storytelling endures because it reminds us that anything is possible in the realm of the imagination' 
Jonathan Biggins.

Imagine a world where theatre is replaced by YouTube and language is reduced to jargon. Where would we be without the great performances on stage that have moved us beyond words?

Cate Blanchett in A Streetcar Named Desire
Ruth Cracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest
Hugo Weaving in Riflemind...

These are all characters and stories that have touched our hearts and changed the way we look at our world.

Help us to preserve the world of imagination and storytelling through the magic of live theatre. One way to play a personal and significant role in ensuring that future audiences will experience the pleasure and inspiration that theatre has given you is to remember STC with a Legacy Gift in your Will.

A gift of this nature is very special and there are a number of ways you can express your intentions. You may specify:

If you are considering supporting STC in this enduring way, we invite you to discuss your intentions with us so we can thank you personally and make sure your wishes are understood.

For suggested wording, or to discuss STC Legacy Gifts with complete confidentiality and without obligation, please contact Rebecca Warren, Major & Legacy Gifts Manager on (02) 9250 1946 or