Rough Draft #43: Dead Meat

Richard Wherrett Studio, Roslyn Packer TheatreFree

Rough Draft = creative development² + a free public showing


by Natesha Somasundaram

About Rough Drafts

Rough Drafts supports the development of new Australian works by providing artists with an opportunity to experiment and grow their ideas. Writers, directors and theatre makers are given access to a rehearsal space, a paid team of actors or creatives and dramaturgical support. They may use the week and resources to embark on something currently unscripted or they might choose to develop a script that is already complete in draft form. The outcomes vary greatly according to the project.

At the end of the workshop week, we invite you into the development process to have a sneak peak of a work in progress at the free public showing. These showings are an opportunity for the artists to test their ideas in front of an audience... and it’s a chance for you to learn about how new plays are made.

The Project

Dead Meat is a new play by Melbourne playwright Natesha Somasundaram. A comedy speckled with the horrors of reality, Dead Meat is a detailed portrait of Australian contemporary life. What begins as a ludicrous comedy about an idiosyncratic family unit, delves into a much darker subconscious about the repressed traumas of seemingly well-adjusted family.

It follows three adult siblings; Roohi, Hari and Chalini; and their suddenly ailing mother. Someone in this house has committed a heinously violent act which the siblings and their omnipresent in-house caretaker, Joyce, attempt to resolve, with varying degrees of success. 

The Artists

Writer Natesha Somasundaram
Director Jessica Arthur


Fri 29 Nov, 6.30pm
Richard Wherrett Studio, Roslyn Packer Theatre