STC Virtual Reading: Rough Draft #45




Tune in on Sat 13 Jun at 4pm for a free live-streamed reading, sampling two plays in development: Chalkface by Angela Betzien and Marriage by Marieke Hardy – another offering from our STC Virtual program.

About Rough Drafts
Rough Drafts supports the development of new Australian works by providing artists with an opportunity to experiment and grow their ideas. Writers, directors and theatre makers are given access to a rehearsal space, a paid team of actors or creatives and dramaturgical support. They may use the time and resources to embark on something currently unscripted or they might choose to develop a script that is already complete in draft form. The outcomes vary greatly according to the project.

At the end of the workshop week, we invite you into the development process to have a sneak peak at extracts of the work in progress at the free public showing. These showings are an opportunity for the artists to test their ideas in front of an audience... and it’s a chance for you to learn about how new plays are made.

What's new
For Rough Draft #45 we’re attempting something new. As we are unable to work together in a rehearsal room, we’re running this development on Zoom, with an online public showing that will be live streamed at the end of the week. In the Rough Draft spirit of experimentation, we are also going to work on two plays simultaneously. Join us for the showing to see how our ambitious plans for one cast in one week work out.


The reading will be streamed live via Facebook on Sat 13 Jun at 4pm.

Simply click this link, then select ‘Get Reminder’ and you’ll be sent a notification via Facebook when the event goes live. Or, book a free ticket on this page using the calendar, and we’ll send you an email reminder with a link to the watch page.

Note: you do not need a Facebook account to access the stream, you can still access the broadcast via the link provided.

Live stream event Sat 13 Jun, 4pm AEST
Approx duration 30mins. Subject to change.


by Angela Betzien

Whether you’re a hardened cynic with over 40 years of teaching experience like Pat Novitsky, or an idealistic young graduate ready to change the world one ADHD child at a time like Anna Wong, life at the Chalkface is grueling. Especially in a school where budgets are being cut, coloured paper is as sought after as a double free period and the school’s most notorious delinquent, Hurricane Little, is re-sitting Year 6.

This brand new comedy by Angela Betzien (The Hanging) is, at its heart, a very serious study of the Australian school system and the pressures it places on pupils and teachers. Are we asking too much of our teachers? Can a one-size fits all model of education really work for every pupil? What even is the function of education in a capitalist society?

by Nikolai Gogol, Adapted by Marieke Hardy

Podkolyosin is looking for a wife. He’s got an (IRL) matchmaker and a best friend who espouses the boundless joys of marriage at every opportunity whilst simultaneously appearing boundlessly miserable. He’s benching some options but isn’t about to sacrifice his beloved bachelor life for anything less than a genuine connection. Or maybe he’s not quite ready to commit.

Agafaya is also entertaining the idea of marriage. It’s hard to avoid if you’re a single lady in 1840’s Russia. But single life suits Agafaya. And how’s a girl to choose a husband from an endless parade of softbois and f bois?

Marieke Hardy’s (No Pay? No Way!) take on Gogol’s comedy takes a playful look at the institution of marriage that most of us will at some stage sign up for. We go to great lengths to find a suitable match but what do we forgo when we settle down? Is a financial partner and snuggle buddy worth the loss of independence? What is our problem with those who fail - or refuse - to conform?


Chika Ikogwe, Bert LaBonte, Heather Mitchell and Anthony Taufa

Rough Drafts are supported by Girgensohn Foundation