Rough Draft #50

12 Mar 2021

Richard Wherrett Studio, Roslyn Packer TheatreFree


In the interest of public health and safety, our forthcoming season of The Writer has been cancelled. More info

Rough Draft = creative development² + a free public showing


by David Finnigan, Jules Orcullo, Jordan Raskopoulos and Megan Wilding
Directed by Jessica Arthur

This Rough Draft unites the extraordinary talents of writers David Finnigan, Jules Orcullo, Jordan Raskopoulos and Megan Wilding, with actors Joseph Althouse and Briallen Clarke to do comic combat together for the very first time under the moniker, The Australian Offence Force. The team are tasked with coming up with first draft of a sketch comedy; a medley of satirical sketches and songs that take aim at politics, society and power. Beware: The Australian Offence Forces takes no prisoners. 


Joseph Althouse and Briallen Clarke


Rough Drafts are week-long workshops that give theatre makers the opportunity to develop a new work for the stage. 

Writers and directors are given access to a rehearsal space, a paid team of actors or creatives and dramaturgical support. They may use the week and resources to complete a first draft of a play or they may choose to develop a script that is already complete in draft form. 

At the end of the workshop week, an audience is invited into the development process to have a sneak peek of a work in progress at the free public showing. These showings provide artists with a test audience and a platform to showcase their work to the industry. They also give audiences with an appetite for novelty access to the freshest playwriting. Some scripts are incomplete, some scripts are polished: the showing outcomes vary greatly according to the project and that’s what makes it exciting!

Sydney Theatre Company thanks the Girgensohn Foundation for their support of Australian Writing.