The 7 Stages of Grieving first premiered at Metro Arts in Brisbane, back in 1995, though Wesley Enoch and Deborah Mailman had been working on it for years before. In 2008 Wesley and Deborah added material to update the play, reflecting changes and developments that had taken place within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander politics and communities and in the wider Australian community during the intervening years. Now, with Wesley and Deborah’s blessing, our director Shari Sebbens, Assistant Director Ian Michael and performer Elaine Crombie have added more new material to this landmark piece of theatre. Justice and equality are not destinations that we can arrive at, they are ongoing processes that will continue to grow and to change as we learn more about our history and more about ourselves.


Elaine/Woman: So, here we are. 2021. Big year and we’re not even halfway through.

Deb and Wes were right though, we can’t go back. Not to the way things were in 1993 or 2008 or even the way they were before you walked in that door and sat in your seat. We shouldn’t want to go back because going back means denying me and you our humanity, our hope. And I know each of us are here tonight because of our profound sense of hope. Hope is the story we tell ourselves so that we can get up and live another day. Hope is the stuff theatre is made of. I need hope to step on stage every night. This play was written in the hope for healing but now. Now. We need more than that. 

We need change.

We need action.

So, between Shari, Ian and myself we have come up with some actions that we hope will spark change.

And if you’re already doing these things, deadly, bub, keep doing them but if you’re not, come on now. 

Alright, I want everyone to take out their phones and take a photo, because we’ve put together a list.


  1. Sign the petition to Raise the Age.

  2. Sign the petition to Ban Spit Hoods.

  3. Follow @IndigenousX on your socials

  4. Follow @SeedMob on your socials.

  5. Donate to Black Rainbow...

  6. Donate to Sisters Inside... 

    ...if you are in the financial position to do so, if you’re not, no worries, please take a moment and share their pages through your networks and encourage others.
  7. Finally, number 7, turn up. Turn up by taking any of the actions above, turn up by listening when we speak, turn up by walking beside us when we march and know that what might seem like small steps will create big change. 

Ay, QR code, lookout, we flash now! Well, this will take you to the website that features all of these actions so gorn, scan this code, take a photo of me if you want…You done? Good, because like Deborah and Wesley wrote in 2008, like every other Blak woman whose uttered those same words since, we can’t go back now. 

We can't go back now.

This epilogue was included in the production of The 7 Stages of Grieving by Wesley Enoch and Deborah Mailman, Directed by Shari Sebbens which was presented by Sydney Theatre Company at the Wharf 1 Theatre, 21 May - 19 June 2021.